Bronze Birch Borer and How To Control It


It’s time to treat for the Bronze Birch Borer. Above is a picture of the Adult Borer. The 2nd image is of the Pupa stage of the larvae. The 3rd image is the damage the larvae has done when they feed on the cambium layer, just before they begin to emerge from the bark of the tree.

This Eastern Washington insect can be found wherever birch is grown as an ornamental. Because of an increase in the planting of Birch as a shade tree, the insect is expanding its range into Western Washington.

If these Birch Trees go untreated, the Birch Borer could kill all the Birch trees in our region. Please be responsible and treat for this pest. This treatment can be done with a deep root injection of an insecticide, that when properly timed will kill the borer when it begins to feed on the cambium layer.

By being proactive, we can help stop this damage caused by the Bronze Birch Borer. If this goes untreated, we may have to find alternative trees to replace all of our beautiful white bark Birch trees.

The best way to keep the Bronze Birch Borer out of birch trees is;
1. Adequate water is a key factor in maintaining birch trees. A deep watering, once every couple of weeks during dry weather will help maintain soil moisture levels and minimize the stress that invites the bronze birch borer.
2. Mulch is very beneficial for birch because it reduces the soil temperature and retains the moisture levels. The addition of 3 inches of Compost or Bark under the drip line can be very beneficial, by holding in moisture and promoting healthy fibrous roots.
3.Proper fertilization can be beneficial aswell. It is important to know that too much nitrogen will increase your birch trees susceptibility to Bronze birch borer, by increasing succulent growth. Do not fertilize birch trees that are showing symptoms of bronze birch borer, especially if water is limiting their growth.

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