Low Voltage LED Lighting, Vancouver, WA

Have you ever walked through a Landscape with Low Voltage LED Lighting that shine on Trees, Plants, Pillars, Sidewalks and Pathways? It is a dramatic sight to see! This is a great way to improve your outdoor living space. And the technology just got better… way better!

LED and Halogen Defined:

1. LED is defined as Light Emitting Diode. An LED bulb consists of a bank of smaller, energy efficient lights.

2. Halogen is an incandescent lamp filled with halogen gas. Halogen bulbs consist of a single bulb with one element.

What are the differences between LED Landscape Lighting and Halogen or Incandescent Landscape Lighting?


This is probably the biggest difference between the two lighting categories. By far, LED lights have a much longer lifetime than their halogen counterparts. LEDs can last up to 35,000 to 50,000 hours while Halogen bulbs last between 2,000 and 6,000 hours. That is a significant savings in electricity, replaced bulb expenses and labor costs.

Energy Efficiency

Halogens are known for emitting extreme heat, therefore they are not energy efficient. LED bulbs run much cooler than Halogen / Incandescents making them the Energy Efficient choice. LED fixtures will be more expensive when purchased, but will save the home owner money in a short amount of time. Think about where you may use a 20 watt halogen, you can now use a 3 watt LED. A 10-light LED only uses 30 watts. LEDs are proven energy savers!


LED Landscape Lighting is the best option. The ease of LED fixture installation is totally worth the initial cost of the LED fixtures. As with normal Halogen/Incandescent lighting, you have to worry about voltage drop when installing several fixtures in your system. Fluctuations with voltage can reduce the usable life of a bulb. With LEDs, you don’t have to worry about it and there is no fancy wiring involved!



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IMPORTANT!! Always use a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Landscape Contractor when having Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Installed.

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