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Description of Services

Residential Landscape Maintenance;  Includes mowing, edging, lawn fertilization, pruning of the plants, weed control to the lawn, weed control to the beds, fall lime application to adjust the pH, blowing down, fall clean up of leaves and hauling away debris.

Lawn Care Programs

Includes 5 custom blend lawn fertilizer applications. Spring moss control to eradicate moss in the turf. Lime application to adjust soil pH. European Crane Fly control.

Plant Health Programs

Disease and Insect control for trees and shrubs. Spider Mite control, Root Weevil control, Deep Root Fertilization – All Services are designed for your landscape plants. The Grounds Keeper, Inc. has professionally trained, State Licensed Pesticide Applicators with considerable horticultural knowledge. Using our custom products and by following our program recommendations, we can ensure that your landscape health and appearance meets all your expectations.

Lawn Renovation

Today’s lawns need some kind of renovation after a long wet winter. Especially if we’ve had snow fall that lasts more than 3 days. To get your lawn looking it’s best we recommend Aeration, Thatching and Machine Seeding. We also offer state of the art top-dressing with sand or compost. Aeration of the lawn is an excellent way to get much needed oxygen to the roots. This also promotes new root growth for the lawn and relieves compaction. This needs to be done once per year for a healthy lawn.    Thatching the lawn ; This removes the dead grass from your lawn and helps reduce your risk of disease. It also makes it possible to over seed, due to the seed making contact with the soil.

Machine Seeding

This machine lays the seed down it slits in the ground, one inch apart, establishing new grass seed in your existing lawn and fills in bare areas caused by winter damage.  Top Dressing ; This machine is made to disperse a precision layer of sand or compost over an existing lawn that can build a more desirable soil profile on today’s clay soil landscapes. Sand also makes the ground firmer and compost adds organic material to the profile that in turn creates microbial activity to the soil.

Extra Services

Sprinkler System Winterization

This procedure involves connecting your irrigation system to an 80 cfm air compressor and blowing all the water out of each station. This leaves the system dry, to eliminate the risk of pipes freezing.

Deep Root Fertilization

This application is for your Trees and larger woody plants such as Rhododendron etc. This application uses a balanced fertilizer blend and Mycorrhizea that promotes fine hair root growth with its symbiotic relationship with the roots.

Dormant Spraying trees and shrubs

This application  is very important for the health of your trees and plants. The organic products used are Copper and Dormant Oil. The Dormant oil with smother any wintering-over insect eggs. The Copper will kill the Fungus Spores and insure a healthy start in the spring.

Fall Planting

This is a great time of the year to plant a specimen tree, a small hedge along a walkway, a larger hedge to block out something that you may not want to look at, such as a neighbors motor home. Planting fall Pansies somewhere near the entryway to your house will brighten up your day, when most other plants are beginning to lose their blooms. Did you know Pansies can have snow on them for days and still look good after the snow melts?

Bark dusting Beds

This is a big part of a weed control program on any landscape. Bark beautifies your landscape and fall and winter is a great time to brighten up your landscape with fresh bark. You can choose from Dark Hemlock, Red Hemlock and Fresh Ground Medium Fir.

Micorrhizea Injection to trees

The best way to feed our trees is by eradicating the presence of soil compaction and promoting Micorrhizea. This is done by adding Mycorrhizea Fungi and soil ammandments that support the health of trees and microorganisms.Tree roots gain minerals, nutrients water and more. The Fungi gain sugars and other compounds, This way, the trees contribute and gain – both are giving to, and receiving from each other.

Bronze Birch Borer Control

The Bronze Birch Borer has migrated from Eastern Washington to Western Washington. This beetle lays its eggs in the bark of Birch trees. As the eggs evolve into Larvae they start running up and down the cambium layer of the trees. This cuts off water and nutrients to the tree, which will kill the tree. The solution to this is a timed application that coincides with the time that the Larvae begin feeding on the tree.

Pressure Washing Concrete

Along with the pressure washing we apply product that kill the Algae, Mold, Mildew and Moss. Then we follow up with an inhibitor to keep it from coming back for 5 months.

Fruit Tree and Ornamental Tree Pruning

We provide orchard pruning to your fruit trees. We can also handle all your small ornamental trees as well.

Request a quote or call the office at:
576-4119 to schedule any of the above services.
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