Sod lawn installation- RTF Tall Fescue or Perennial Rye

When considering a lawn renovation or lawn replacement, you need to think about what you want the end result to be. If you are thinking of renovating an older lawn you need to be sure the results will be what you are expecting. Will the ground be level? Is the existing soil good enough to support the new seed? So many times after homeowners renovate a lawn, they are unhappy with the results.
There is some new options available for Sod Installation. The standard for many years was to use of 3-Way Perennial Rye Sod. It looks great when it is installed, but usually during the first winter about 1/3-1/2 of the grass dies back creating a very thin lawn in the spring. Since Perennial Rye does not fill in bare areas on it’s own, you will have to reseed your new lawn. This is like a lawn renovation the first year after planting your new sod. If you don’t reseed, then something else will grow in those bare areas, such as an unwanted native grass or weeds!

RTF Sod LogoThe “OTHER” option is RTF Tall Fescue. This newly developed sod has many benefits over the perennial rye. It has a deeper root system, making it more drought tolerant. It has a wider blade that makes the lawn more shade tolerant and more lush green. If the lawn gets bare spots from fertilizer burns, spilled gas from the lawn mower or from your dog, it will fill-in easily, since this type of grass grows with rhizomes, which knit the sod back together. Also the density of the RTF Tall Fescue is good for keeping out the weeds and other native grasses.


When considering a lawn renovation or a lawn replacement you can call on The Grounds Keeper, Inc. to give you all your options, to help you make the best decision for your landscape. (360)518-1394.

This article was written by Todd Moser. Todd is the Founder and President of The Grounds Keeper, Inc. since 1990. Todd’s experience in Residential and Commercial Landscape has built the platform of his business, along with his selection process for highly qualified Crew Leaders that have been with The Grounds Keeper, Inc. for well over a decade. If you need a quote on Sod Lawn Installation, we invite you to call us at (360)576-4119 or Email

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