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In the Pacific Northwest, early Spring / Summer weather can make it challenging to give the lawn just the right amount of water, depending on if it may rain that day or not. The best way to resolve this problem is by installing a rain sensor. The rain sensor will shut off the system when it rains and will turn it back on after the weather dries out. In the Summer heat keeping our Cool Season Perennial Rye Grass green is a challenge when the daytime temperatures reach 80 degrees and the evening temperature stays up above 65 degrees, this begins to stress the lawn. Additional water is needed to keep the grass from getting “Hot Spots”. Hot spots are areas in the lawn that have become hydrophobic after being extremely dry for several days. When this happens, we need to soak these areas with water to force the ground to absorb the water. Using a Sufactant will help the water start soaking into the lawn again.

Hiring an Irrigation Technician to perform a Spring Irrigation System Start-up is a good place to start. An experienced irrigation technician is up to date on the latest technology in new sprinkler heads and nozzles to get the best coverage along with water-saving efficiency.

In the event you need to have an Irrigation Technician come out and do Irrigation System Repair, it will most likely be more cost-effective than trying to figure out what parts to buy and how to install them, rather than trying to repair it yourself. A reputable irrigation service will usually have all of the parts needed in his truck to do the service call.

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As the season comes to an end, you should consider having the sprinkler system winterized. This service can save you from having expensive irrigation repairs and parts, due to having your pipes freeze if they are not winterized.

This article was written by Todd Moser. Todd is the Founder and President of The Grounds Keeper, Inc. since 1990. Todd’s experience in Residential and Commercial Landscape has built the platform of his business, along with his selection process for highly qualified Crew Leaders that have been with The Grounds Keeper, Inc. for well over a decade. If you need Irrigation Services we invite you to get a quote from us at (360)576-4119 or Email todd@thegroundskeeper.com


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