Top dressing your lawn with compost can give you an amazing result

Lawn Renovation; top dressing with compost, aerate, thatching and machine seeding.

After a long cold winter in the Northwest, your lawns can suffer. With proper renovation you can make your lawn look even better than the previous year. Aeration is a good start to help get oxygen to the root system, reduce compaction and to give the root system a chance to push new growth. Thatching is another way you can eliminate the dead thatch layer which will encourage the lawn to push new growth and also help new seed to make contact with the soil. Machine seeding lays the seed in small slits into the soil layer, insuring good soil contact, which in turn will give you the highest percentage of germination.

Top Dressing lawns has been done in the golf course industry for years. Now you can have a top dressing machine apply compost to help you with the nutrient levels, and building up a soil profile that will encourage your lush green lawn to flourish.

Please watch the video above to see how this process works. Top dressing with Sand is another option for wetter lawns. This will build a soil profile that drains better and remains firmer under wet conditions. (NOTE; The video shows the same machines we own, but this video is for the machine dealer’s marketing. We will update and repost our crews doing an actual lawn renovation this spring.)

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